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Looking to go one step further with your London Bus Advertising campaign? Here at London Bus Advertising we have a wealth of experience in coordinating and planning effective experiential bus advertising campaigns.

An experiential bus advertising campaign with London Bus Advertising gives you the opportunity to think outside the box when it comes to your marketing strategy and make a real impact on your target audience.  Bus advertising offers brands a fantastic PR opportunity because experiential campaigns give  businesses the edge when they’re used at conferences or high-profile events.

Transform a bus inside and out

Our experiential campaigns can see the iconic London Red Bus transformed on the outside and in; and what better way to entice new clients or customers than by welcoming them on board a customised bus and showcasing your products in style?

In the past we’ve kitted out buses with laptops, iPads and large digital screens. We’ve also transformed London double deckers into a colourful canvas to showcase travel and tourism brands, and we’ve helped countless clients stand out against their competitors at events and roadshows.

Colombia Travel Experiential Campaign

Colombia experiental bus wrap campaign london bus advertising

Colombia experiental bus interior campaign london bus advertising

To find out more about experiential bus advertising in London, contact our expert team today.