understand your target audience with london bus advertising


Looking to target high-spending shoppers? What about business commuters? Or maybe you want to target tourists from out of town?

Whichever demographic you’re looking to reach with your advertising, a campaign with London Bus Advertising is guaranteed to position your brand directly in front of the people that matter to you!

5.8 million people in the Greater London area have seen bus advertising in the past week alone, and with over 700 bus routes across the capital, you can position your business in front of your ideal audience in style, with effective and creative campaigns.

91% of Londoners can recall a bus ad they have seen

Whether you’re considering a full wrap exterior campaign or interior panel ads, London Bus Advertising  will help you engage with your customers in a busy urban environment, targeting people of all ages as they live, work, shop and play.

70% of all London bus passengers are described as ABC1, with the majority of this number actively noticing bus advertising in the past week.

It’s also been found that 85% of London commuters actually prefer buses with advertising – as for them  it acts as a non-intrusive, welcome distraction from an otherwise dull daily commute!

61% of consumers had seen bus ads in the last 7 days

To discuss what a bus campaign could do in terms of promoting your business, brand or product get in touch with the London Bus Advertising team!