Bus Wrap Advertising

Guarantee mass reach with Bus Wraps

When it comes to bus advertising, bigger is always better! Opting for a fully wrapped London bus advertising campaign will see your brand positioned on the largest mobile advertising format available in the UK- ensuring unmissable coverage for your target audience.

Full wrap bus advertisements are eye-catching and unmissable. Most importantly, they are designed to help you achieve an unrivalled impact, because these buses travel through the busiest areas of London.

Bus Wraps give you an opportunity to truly transform an iconic London tourist attraction- the double decker red bus- with your branding. Bus Wraps work so that your business or product will cover the entirety of the bus – including windows, if desired, through innovative contra vision technology.

Fully wrapped bus advertising in London allows you to communicate with tourists, commuters, pedestrians and motorists- overall creating an impactful and mobile marketing message on the streets of the UK’s busiest city.

What’s more is that four in five London adults can recall seeing a fully-wrapped bus within the last three months, showing that these adverts are memorable and make an impression.

Additionally, the size of the London double-decker bus gives you a large canvas to work with, allowing you to serve a creative and innovative advertising message that is guaranteed to turn heads across London.

So- if you want to take your brand to the next level with your outdoor advertising, look no further than a full wrap campaign with London Bus Advertising.