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Bus Interior Advertising

Looking to reach passengers travelling on board London’s 9,000+ buses? London Bus Advertising can coordinate a wide range of interior advert campaigns to help you reach millions.

There are over 2.3 billion bus trips made in London each year, with over 700 bus routes across the capital. Therefore, an interior bus advertising campaign is a great way of targeting potential consumers whilst they’re in a captive environment, actively seeking a distraction from their regular daily commute.


Bus headliner advertising sits above the bus windows, easily visible to passengers. Your advertisements can contain information such as web addresses or special offers, with passengers able to engage with your brand straight away on their phone – and 80% of people have responded to a bus advertisement.

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Want to take your interior bus advertising campaign to the next level? Here at London Bus Advertising we can put your brand in the palm of your consumer’s hands – literally – with bus ticket advertising!

Ads can be printed on the back of tickets in full colour, with a range of bespoke options available – and bus ticket adverts are a great way to make sure potential customers are carrying your brand around with them.

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To discuss your interior bus advertising campaign, contact our specialist team at London Bus Advertising today!