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London Academy Advertises Success on Edgware’s Bus Rears

In an initiative to promote their upcoming open evenings and highlight recent academic successes, the London Academy has appointed London Bus Advertising to launch a six week advertising campaign.

Beginning mid-August, bus rears and passenger panels will be displayed on buses travelling routes throughout Edgware in North London.

The proximity campaign will target prospective students with its promotion of the Academy’s impressive academic results, a glowing Ofsted quote and upcoming open evening details.

Using local buses to develop awareness of the Academy is a great way to reach target audiences throughout the key North London region.

Acting as a mobile billboard, buses can effectively carry a campaign message and reach a vast and varied audience.

The campaign has been planned to launch at the beginning of the academic year. This will effectively target students looking to further their studies after the year-end and encourage them to consider enrolling at the London Academy.