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Phone App Bus Advertising Campaign Helps Londoners Cut the Queues

An innovative consumer app that allows free calls to 08 numbers is being promoted throughout the capital, thanks to London Bus Advertising.

The WeQ4U app from Orderly Telecoms is being advertised on interior bus headliner panels throughout London – ensuring reach to thousands of potential consumers.

The attention grabbing ‘Shh!’ title promotes the app as a secretive five star app that “your mobile provider doesn’t want you to know about”.

Advertising on headliner passenger panels is a great way to reach audiences experiencing extended dwell time on bus journeys. Promoting an app to this audience is the perfect way to encourage them to research and buy the app on their smartphone whilst having the time to do so.  A QR code adds to the appeal of the design; again encouraging audiences to find out more.

With many commuters taking daily journeys on London’s buses, advertising the campaign on interior panels means audiences will be exposed to the WeQ4U app far more frequently than other forms of advertising allow.