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High frequency bus rear advertising campaign with famous fuel company

–          150 bus rear advertisements in London
–          £1000 of free fuel to be won
–          91% can recall bus ads they’ve seen

London Bus Advertising launched a high-frequency bus rear advertising campaign with famous fuel company Jet, with 150 eye-catching advertisements on show across the city.

The campaign encouraged people to enter Jet’s amazing free fuel competition, with 14 lucky winners able to win £1000 of free fuel to win!

The stand-out artwork drove traffic to Jet’s competition website,, and used bold, clear messaging to attract maximum attention.

Jet opted for a cost-effective high-frequency bus rear advertising campaign, targeting other motorists and pedestrians who were exposed to the advertisements when travelling behind the buses in traffic or stood on the streets as they passed them by.

The competition was a huge success for Jet, with several hundred entries made online. This campaign highlights the diverse nature of London bus advertising and shows how it can be effective for a number of different campaign objectives.

To find out if a bus rear advertising campaign is the right move for your brand, business or product, get in touch with our dedicated bus ad specialists at London Bus Advertising today!

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