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Bermuda is Closer Than You Think with London Bus Advertising

The capital is set to be awash with pink thanks to a fully wrapped bus campaign from London Bus Advertising and the Bermuda Department of Tourism.

The head-turning bus advert covers the whole of the iconic London bus – turning its statement red colour to a rather more tropical shade of pink.

As part of a campaign to encourage the UK to visit the island of Bermuda, the creative encourages audiences to consider choosing Bermuda as their next holiday destination by boldly advertising that it’s ‘Closer than you think’. The rear of the bus adds weight to the campaign by highlighting that Bermuda is only ‘seven hours from London Gatwick.’ A website is also clearly displayed, encouraging locals, tourists and commuters to discover more.

An immediate head turner, fully-wrapped buses are an unavoidable advertising format to demand the attention of the capital’s constantly on-the-go audience. Complete with the image of a crystal blue sea and ‘feel the love’ branding, London audiences can momentarily lose themselves in a much more relaxing and enticing environment.

Driving the campaign through some of London’s busiest routes and past some of its most famous landmarks will ensure that Bermuda is well and truly brought to the capital.